Normalizing birth via beautiful photography

Angela Gallo is an Australian doula and birth photographer who is embarking on a project to normalize birth in all its beauty. Diaries of a Globe Trottin’ Doula aims to “change the face of birth for expectant mothers around the world.”

Angela is raising money through indiegogo for a six-month journey to several countries “in hopes of showcasing how positive & dynamic pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood can be.”

Her goals:

“Change the face of birth for expectant mothers around the world. No small feat, I know. But it can be done.
Explore social & cultural norms.
Shatter any outdated, pre-conceived notions.
Challenge modern perceptions.
Get to the root of fear.”

You can see more of her work at

via huffpost

Business: How to Get More Referrals Than You Can Handle

How to Get More Referrals Than You Can Handle

My partner Nicole and I have gotten 80% of our videography work from referrals. And it didn’t happen by accident, we created a system that ensures we don’t have to go out looking for our next gig. A system that we created at the start to have referral clients reaching out to us with projects they wanted us for. Talk about turning the tables!